Evolve is a full-service fitness community focusing on group coaching, located in the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas.

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You Can Evolve

Evolve is now open!

Evolve has developed a new, exclusive training concept that will set itself apart from any other gym in the metroplex. Evolve’s “inside out” approach will not only challenge the body’s physical capabilities but it’s mental ones as well, resulting in a TOTAL FITNESS TRANSFORMATION.

Evolve is more than just a gym. Evolve is a fitness community FOR YOU, designed to make A BETTER YOU.

  • I have had the opportunity to work out with Sharif for several years. In that time, I reached my best fitness level since college sports days a long time ago. Sharif is motivational, knowledgeable, and experienced. Sharif's engaging high energy as he coaches and teaches is infectious - he also makes it clear that he cares about his clients' goals. He has a passion for helping others succeed.

    - Mike Oddo

  • At the age of 59, I decided to change the direction of my health with a weight loss and fitness program. Having never worked out before, I found everything from cardio classes to spinning intimidating. That’s when I met Sharif Abboud. He changed everything for me, giving me a plan of attack and working with me to keep me focused, on track and motivated. I lost weight and went down 2 dress size, as well as gaining strength, muscle and endurance, making me determined to do this the rest of my life.

    - Barbara James

  • I highly recommend Sharif as a trainer and coach! His approach to training brings out the best in you. He has that edge that no other trainer can possibly provide. More importantly, though, are the mental and spiritual lessons he provides. I am a devoted client for the long haul!

    - Beckie McKenzie

  • I have had the pleasure of training with Sharif for 6 years. He is by far the most motivational trainer I have ever worked with. When I met him I was almost 200 lbs. I was miserable and I didn’t believe anything was ever going to change. In comes the man who changed it all! I ended up weighing 145l bs!

    - Mark Shipman

  • As a multi-sport athlete, I’ve always had a strong work ethic and significant self-motivation when it comes to training. For the last 6 or 7 years, Sharif has been my athletic trainer and friend. At 38 years old, I’m in the best shape of my life, and Sharif has helped elevate me to that level. He understands individual personalities, abilities (and inabilities), goals, and motivations. He sincerely cares about each of his clients and is actively interested in their physical and emotional well-being.

    - Dave Scott

The Met45™ Program


You will not feel lost at Evolve, our sole purpose is to help you. Evolve is not just a gym with trainers, it is a fitness community with coaches. With our knowledge and guidance, you will have the tools you need to build a BETTER YOU!

Program Design

Owner and fitness coach Sharif Abboud developed the new Met45™ training program. His style has made him one of the most sought-after coaches in the DFW area. Met45™ will be exclusive to and available only at Evolve.


Met45™ was designed with you in mind. Our dedication does not stop at the end of the workout - each athlete is provided with an initial body assessment, postural analysis, and goal-specific macronutrient profile.

Sign Up Today!

Evolve offers three ways to join our emerging fitness community.

  • Level 1
  • $79
  • per month
  • Our most affordable membership level
  • Full Gym Access

    Not interested in coaching yet? No problem. Come work out using Evolve's state-of-the-art equipment in our beautiful, new facility in the heart of downtown Dallas.

    Full gym access

    Full service locker room

    Free 2-hour valet parking

  • Level 2
  • $119
  • per month
  • Add coaching to your evolution
  • 8 Group Coaching Sessions

    Start your fitness transformation with full gym access and 8 group coaching sessions a month.

    8 coaching sessions per month

    Initial nutrition program design

    Full gym access

    Full service locker room

    Free 2-hour valet parking

  • Level 3
  • $159
  • per month
  • Step up to unlimited coaching
  • Unlimited Group Coaching Sessions

    Take the limits off your evolution! With our Level 3 membership, you can participate in as many group coaching sessions per month as you want.

    Unlimited coaching sessions per month

    Initial nutrition program design

    Nutrition evaluation every 12 weeks

    Full gym access

    Full service locker room

    Free 2-hour valet parking

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Download the Evolve App

Schedule group coaching sessions, make appointments, track your progress, and pay membership fees directly from your mobile device using the Evolve App, available for IOS and Android devices.

Follow the Evolution

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The Butler Brothers Building
Suite 100, 500 S. Ervay Street
500 S Ervay Street, Suite 100, Dallas TX 75201
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Valet parking is located in the parking garage 500 feet east of Evolve on Young Street.

Business Hours

Monday-Thursday 5 AM to 9 PM
Friday 5 AM to 7 PM
Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM
Sunday 9 AM to 2 PM


500 S Ervay Street
Suite 100
Dallas TX 75201

(972) 803-6599